Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here's a couple of pieces I just finished up...the first is a necklace vessel I made from a
small perfume bottle copper wire and beads:

Glass Bottle Vessel Necklace

Next I decided to play with a Microscope Slidemailer (slidemailers are made from heavy cardboard and used to mail microscope slide samples in). It's been awhile since I've played with any slidemailers--So often we get caught up in trying the newest things that are out or popular that we forget about the old and I have always enjoyed creating using Slidemailers pushing the envelope so to speak with them.

Slidemailer Shrine Necklace:

I used a single slidemailer and first spritz it with Color Mists (talk about a fast way to color them wow!) next I stamped the front and back with Staz On black ink and then used Chalk Inks around the edges and inside. Next I Add the keyhole brad, I then ran black cording down the center across the spine and knotted it at the top and the bottom (I left enough cording at the bottom that I could add two beads and then knot it. I then cut three pieces of ribbon and ran them through the Xyron to use as form of binding to help keep the cording in place (see green ribbon in picture). Inside I cut out some paper for the small niche and added shrine elements using Crystal Lacquer to adhere them as well as adding small beads around the edge.


  1. Very cool Aileen. You always come up with the neatest stuff. Love your slide mailers. You are one talented lady.

  2. That is so cool, Aileen! I haven't played with microscope slides/mailers as yet. I can see they're just going to have to hop on my shopping list though... :-)

  3. Aileen, I love the necklaces and it's so cool that you're always so generous with sharing your instructions.

  4. I am loving these slide mailers! What fun to work with! Anything that opens is a plus for me!!

  5. Hey, just found your blog and wanted to say you have some pretty stuff here. I especially like that little bottle =)