Sunday, January 07, 2007

I miss you mom!

Dear Mom,

I've been feeling emotional today and realized that Its been 10 years today since you've been gone and I miss you as much now as I did when I last squeezed your hand and kissed you good-bye! Although the pain is not raw like it once was, the ache in my heart and the void I feel not having you here is as strong as ever.

I never got the chance to thank you for all that you shared and taught me. Its because of you that my life revolves around art now, I hope it brings a smile to your face to see this. I wish so much that I could share my art with you on an earthly plane and to be able to learn even more from you and to share creative time together.

I also wish you could see your grand kids even as young as they were you left a lasting impact on them and they miss you and talk of you often. A favorite story Spencer and Morgan have is that last time you took them on a walk to Burger King of all places.....they knew that wasn't something normal for you and they had so much fun playing with the helicopter leafs with you, throwing them up in the air and watching them spin around to the ground! Nicholas told me not so long ago how much he still misses you and how very important you were to him. I'm sad for them that they didn't get more time with you. I know you'd so enjoy them right now and you would be very proud of all your grandkids!

This morning I finished a piece of art and it made me think about the imprints we leave on others and you left a huge imprint on each life you've touched not only your families but friends and kids you taught. Sometimes people leave only small impacts on a life, but your impact was so deep even now, all of your kids still feel it and miss you terribly!

Here's an altered book I created several years ago that I dedicated to you:

I love you mom and wish I could hug you one more time!


  1. Aileen, you know I could not get through this post without several tissues. But the tears are not of sadness, they are due to understanding the wonderful impact your Mother had on your life and all those she came into contact with. Yes, you miss her, yet she is a part of you and her guidance is so evident in your art and memories. I know she is very proud of you and is enjoying watching her grandchildren grow into intelligent, kind and creative young men.

  2. Aileen, this brings tears to my eyes. It is wonderfult hat you had a mother who encouraged you in your art and had such a lasting impact on your sons. What a wonderful person. I have another friend who says the same thing...she still misses her dad so much and wishes she could hug him.

    Know that your friends are here for you and send you a hug, too.


  3. Such a beautiful tribute to your love for your mom. I imagine myself writing something like this in ten years.

  4. Aileen, I found that post so moving. Kudos to the wonderful others everywhere that support the artist in their child.


  5. ...oopps....'others'= 'mothers'


  6. Aileen, couldn't help but comment on your post. I write letters to my parents also. It is a great way to keep there memories alive and helps deal with the loss. I lost them both 3 years ago. They were both a huge part of my life. Both were creative and forward thinking. What a beautiful statement you have made on your love and memories of your mother.Thanks for the tears.