Saturday, January 13, 2007

Colder than a witches....

Man is it cold and its not warming up! The sun is shining and it gives the illusion that its nice and warm out but once you go outside that wind chill hits you and smacks ya back to reality!

Its a good day to do art mostly I've been working on more projects that are in various stages Here's an a piece that is a work in progress...I used a paper mache torso from the craft store and covered it with molding paste and then wrote into it and let it dry. Then I patinaed over it with Modern Options Patina added a final for the head and wings made from fine copper mesh then it sat for awhile and today I was inspired to add the arms using my Funky Arm Pens from my website. I heated them with the heat gun to make them more moldable and cut holes and glued them into place. Once they were dry I painted them with Golden's acrylic paint mixed with a little glaze. I'll be sure to post when I do anymore to it


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  2. This is looking terrific Ai. Can't wait to see the finished product. Those pens are TOO MUCH. FUN!!