Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Art Attitude

Sometimes you need a little art attitude! I'm trying to find mine right now but in the process I did create Ms Attitude from a cabinet card. I started this card and it sat on my table for some time because I got as far as creating the background with torn pieces of painted tissue paper and she just wasn't doing anything for me! I set her aside hoping something would come to me eventually, she had such a dour face (I know don't they all LOL) I just couldn't think of anything else to add, until I came across some stickers and Voila Mz Attitude was born she just was missing her fancy hat and earrings. This is why I don't throw things away I set them aside and eventually my muse whispers something in my ear. I also found in making this piece that I LOVE the new Sharpie oil paint pens if you haven't tried them pick a few up. I have the smaller point but I'm ready to get some of the wider tips as well. They work great under paint and glazes and over paint.


  1. She has a wonderful attitude! I love the background!

  2. Now she definetly has attitude! So creative Aileen! Love her! Hope you have a great Labor day week-end!