Friday, November 18, 2005

Time Flies

I'm sitting here thinking how fast time just keeps flying by! It was 12 years ago this month that I first got online and my whole world was changed for the better. I can't imagine what life would be like or where I'd be at without having a computer, without being online, without making and meeting so many wonderful friends that I've made throughout my years online! Yes, those friends are real and my life has been enriched by having met people I would not have otherwise had the chance to meet. There is a very special group of friends that I first met on AOL 12 years ago (back in the day when AOL charged by the min) we all found a way to converse through message boards in the free "Members Area" in a folder named Unique. I have fond memories of those times that I cherish. I think about what a loss it would be for me if I hadn't met my SClub Buddies in there, most charter members of the El Cheapo Club! We have seen each other through many trials and tribulations through the years and I can't imagine where I would have been during those times without their support and friendship!When we first met our kids were young and now they've grown up and some are already adults living on their own and/or have kids of their own! WOW time files!

Thank you my SClub friends!

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