Monday, October 17, 2005

Glorious Fall!

This weekend definitely felt like fall is here and today really feels like glorious fall has graced us with her presence! Our fall here is so fleeting that I always hate to see it leave it's my favorite time of year!

Spent the morning with DH running errands and enjoying each other's company at the bookstore for an hour that's always nice. I finally found the latest issue of Expressions magazine .

Back to work I go I have more projects to complete for the boutique!


  1. I am the same way, I LOVE Fall!!! Temperatures are wonderful, no big biting bugs, no tornados, and no ice!

  2. Holy Mackeral! I checked daily for 3 months and nothing. I'd given up and what do I finally discover?? BLOG ENTRIES!


    Happy Fall. Good to see you back in BlogLand.