Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another time lapse from getting myself in here to post! I blame real life getting in the way yet again *wry grin*

Life has been busy with the end of the school year and kid activities, then summer beginning at home and getting the boys into some sembalance of a routine. First thing I had them start was to purge and clean their rooms. I drew sketch of their room and sectioned it off into several sections and each day they cleaned only one section. This has worked out well they didn't get overwhelmed by the entire room and they did a really good job in each section. I highly recommend this method and have adopted it for myself even! They have officially finished their rooms today and it took them about 5 days total off and on, so not too shabby and they're ready to go to Scout camp with a clean room.

Hmm...what have I created lately....ohh I did a piece for hubby for father's day. He's a big Charles Schultz/Peanut's fan so I used images from a discarded book jacket to create this piece for him:

(Okay I know its been too long since I've been in here when it takes me 10 mins to figure out why my image wasn't showing up sheesh talk about CRS! LOL).

Prior to the Peanuts piece I created a postcard for a friend (The piece was created on a Giant 4x7 playing card using matte gel medium and tissue from a pattern and some vintage music):

That's about all the creating I've had time for. I have several deadlines looming again so I'm working on that. I also have started reading again which I haven't had time for but I'm making myself take the time in the early mornings to read. I've started The Mermaid's Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. Its an easy read that I'm really enjoying. The main character is Jessie an Altered Artist which I'm loving! The books main story takes place in South Carolina.


  1. Nice to see a post from you. I hear good things about "The Mermaid's Chair." guess I shoudl read it, too.

  2. Hey woman! update would ya! :0) We are starting to think all you do is work :0)