Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Lists...Lists and more Lists

Hey, I'm getting better its only been a few days, and I remembered to post, Yay for me! *grin*

Its a pretty day today still a little windy but not like the last few days have been. This has been one of those days where I feel like I'm going in circles and not getting as much accomplished as I would like. I did better yesterday getting packages shipped as well as painted some pages for a collabrative project and updated the website. I also emailed my Altered Art kit project in so that's one more thing checked off my list.

Ahh and there in lies the topic of my life seems to be a series of lists-cross one off add another to it. I'd like for once to not have ANY things on my lists of To-Dos...I'm feeling a little overwhelmed going in so many different directions, but without a list whether it's written down or in my head mentally I'd not get anything accomplished I know. Ack and now that I'm talking about lists I just remembered I needed to call in Spencer's medication BRB! Now to add that to my To-Do List LOL see it never ends!

Here it is almost time to pick up kids already and back to the post office. I had to go there this morning also to ship off some International packages. I really hate having to go inside and if I wait until I pick up kids then the line is out the door ugh!

Time to figure out what to make for dinner my least favorite thing to do! Ugh!

More later...


  1. Caffeine on an empty stomach will give you a headache... at least eat some fruit for energy.

  2. Aileen,
    You should do as I and just BAGGIT for a few days. Life is too short! When you gasp your last breath, are you REALLY gonna be thinking about all the stuff you didn't add to your list today?? :::innocent:::blink:::
    Seriously! Take some time and enjoy the little things.