Saturday, March 26, 2005


I'm still getting the hang of this Blog business, first I need to remember that its here for one thing LOL secondly, I need to remember how to operate it. Lately my mind is so full that if I don't do things enough times I can forget remembering LOL sad but true!

Kids and hubby were home yesterday which really through a wrench in my schedule. I thought I'd have today off but I had more work today. I Still haven't gotten any art time in really. I did finish up one puzzle piece for a medieval theme ( I have several other puzzles that I need to get working on AND get some sent out. Not to mention my many other projects I have going! ahh well at least there's never a dull moment or should I saw idle moment LOL

My kid that never gets sick, Spencer wasnt' feeling well yesterday and today he's got a fever! I'm keeping an eye on it and will take him in if it gets any worse. Hubby's not feeling well either sure hope they don't pass their cooties on to the rest of us Uhg!

I'm off to try and do some art! :-)

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